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our story

I kind of fell into the floral industry on accident. My nana taught me the basics through gardening, but exploring many different creative outlets ultimately landed here.

I was climbing up a muddy, icy hill after a photoshoot when Femme de Fleur was born. I was so excited about seeing my work photographed and knowing I had a part in the creative process of making something beautiful.

Femme de Fleur, "the flower lady", is feminine, beautiful, and dreamy, but there’s also an essence of dirt and grit to her. The very beginning of flowers is a small seed in the dirt, and out rises this beautiful transformation.

Femme de Fleur is a little rough and wild on the edges, but she also comes together beautifully. 

I love love. The majority of my clients are getting married, and my favorite part of meeting with clients is hearing their love stories and letting that inspire what their florals look like on their big day. Please, keep on gushing about your significant others! I love it.

I’m a realist at heart— but you know those moments when life kind of slows down and feels like a movie? Those are the moments I cling to.

I love making life look beautiful and cinematic, if even just for a few hours for a photoshoot or workshop or for an entire day at a wedding.  I want to make your dreams come true— no matter how big or small they may be.

~ Courtney